Niacinamide mud mask for acne treatment, whitening and moisturizing

Explore our a range of affordable niacinamide mud masks. We take pride in offering options tailored to your skincare needs.

Our carefully crafted formula combines premium ingredients such as Canadian Rhassoul Clay, Copper Peptide, Yeast/Pearl Powder Fermentation Cell Lysate, and Niacinamide. These potent elements work in harmony to provide a range of benefits that your skin will love.

Key Benefits:

Brightening & Anti-Aging: Our niacinamide masks rejuvenate your complexion, reducing fine lines and imperfections for a youthful glow.
Pore Tightening: Say goodbye to enlarged pores. Our masks help in refining and tightening your skin, leaving it smooth and flawless.
Long-lasting Hydration:Our mud masks offer deep, long-lasting moisture, ensuring your skin stays refreshed and revitalized.