Wholesale of various natural fruit pulp face masks for skin whitening

Jenny’s Time fruit mud masks combine top-notch quality, affordable pricing, and customizable packaging options. Elevate your skin with our premium skincare product.

Experience the sheer brilliance of our fruit mud mask, where the harmonious blend of Panthenol, Natural Vitamin E, Rose Essential Oil, and Gentiana Extract results in skincare perfection. Revel in the beauty of radiant, nourished skin.

Key Benefits:

Hydration & Nourishment: Panthenol and Natural Vitamin E maintain skin moisture, leaving your face plump, soft, and radiant.

Skin Brightening:Rose Essential Oil boosts microcirculation, reducing uneven skin tone for flawless beauty.

Antioxidant & Anti-Aging: Gentiana Extract’s antioxidants, combined with Natural Vitamin E, combat free radicals, slowing aging. Each use enhances your skin’s youthfulness and vitality.